Dr. Weiler Aromatic Toothpaste

Mode of Function:

Dr. Weiler Aromatic Toothpaste supresses by natural aromas the desire for sweets like softdrinks and candies.

While you brush your teeth the aromas unfold and the effect lasts for two to three hours. Dental diseases are caused by sugar. Without sugar no periodontitis or caries (tooth delays) would occur. More over sugar today is called a drug as alcohol or nicotin.

Sugar has the same influence as alcohol or nicotin. In the brain the happy hormones are released which leads to sugar addiction.

Sugar today is known as major cause for overweight.

ADVANTAGES to other Toothpastes


• contains no Menthol (antiallergic effect)


• contains no etheric oils, so can be used during homeopathic treatment


• prophylaxis against obesity, overweight and support of diet by reducing sugar consumption


• less tooth diseases by less sugar


• contains the best available flouride (Aminflouride) to protect against caries   and peridontitis.

Aminflouride has more effectiness compared to normaly in toothpastes used Natriumflouride, which is used as very cheap



Rinse  just a bit after brushing your teeth to enhance the effect of reducing your desire for sugar.....





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