---------- FACTS ----------                      

Fact # 1

60 percent of people are interested to lose weight. 2,2 billion people worldwide are overweight.

Fact # 2

Overweight and obesity is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended.

Fact # 3

Sugar leads to addiction.

Fact # 4

By making foods "hyperpalatable", mostly by sugar, the food manufacturers ensure that we eat a lot and decide to buy and eat them again and again.

Fact # 5

Everybody should reduce the free sugar to a maximum of 25 grams a day. That's about six teaspoons a day, not more.

                                            ---------- HOW IT WORKS ----------   

Step 1: Use it. 3 to 5 hubs, as you prefer.

Step 2: Distribute in your mouth.                 

Step 3: Take a deep breath to smell the flavor.

Step 4: Done.  

                                       WITH DR. WEILER AROMATIC SPRAY                                                 

                                         ---------- YOUR BENEFITS ----------

Support your goal to lose weight.

Get a clearer and shiny skin by avoiding sugar.

Reach a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t spend your money on unhealthy food and soft drinks.

Get fitter, feel better.





                                                    ---------- SO WHAT IS IT? ----------

It is a food, but is it a cosmetic product too? Yes it is, as less sugar means a clear and shining skin. Is it a body care product? Yes it is, as less sugar consumption makes you feel better and fitter. Is it a health style product? Yes it is as it curbs your sweet tooth immediately and supports you lose or hold your weight by a completely natural way. The power of flavors! So what is it at all? A must have and your 100 % lifestyle product!




•Born in Bavaria, Germany


•Studied dental medicine at Universities of Erlangen and Berlin   Germany


•Worked at University Hospitals Regensburg and Munich


•MD and MD for Oral Surgery


•Worked at Clinica Borromeo, Milano, Italy


•Worked at Hospital Professor Ivo Pitanguy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Plastic Surgery


•Leading MD at Metropol Clinic, Nuremberg, Germany


•Founder and Leading MD at Metropol Hospital, Nuremberg, Germany




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