---------- WHY DR. WEILER AROMATIC SPRAY ----------

Let`s face it. Overweight, and an unhealthy lifestyle are not the sexiest things on earth. One can of Cola contains as much sugar as 10 to 14 sugar cubes do. To give up or reduce consumption of soft drinks, cookies, candies or other sweets 3 times a day, means about 11000 less calories per month and a healthier diet. Can you imagine about weight impact? 11000 less calories means about 2.0 Kilogram less weight per month and a much healthier diet! You will feel better and fitter. Less sugar will make your skin look better. Sugar is the absolutely main cause for dental and gum diseases, too. Did you know that models use flavor flacons to curb their sweet tooth for a clearer skin and to hold weight? So the flavor spray is for just everyone. People looking for a healthier lifestyle, people looking for an easy way to support their goal to lose weight, people who exercise but know about the impact of sugar and want to go a further step forward.

We invented our flavor spray to support people´s health and lifestyle.

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