Our company develops new innovative products for dental health and against diseases by world first procedures. After studies in 2012-2013  Dr. Weiler Aromatic Toothpaste was launched. Meanwhile it is registered for sales in the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai and other countries following......Dr. Weiler aromatic toothpaste works again dental diseases as caries delays and Periodontitis by best available Flouride ( Aminflouride ). It can be used as homoeopathic treatments occur as it contains no etheric oils. The recepture was developed to avoid  allergic reactions.

The natural aromas in Dr. Weiler Aromatic Toothpaste unfold by brushing the teeth and significantly reduce the desire for sugar and products containing high quantities of sugar as candies and softdrinks.

Sugar is the main and only course for dental diseases as periodontitis or dental delays. Without sugar no dental diseases would occur. Moreover high consumption of sugar is today known as major course for overweight and other diseases.





•Born in Bavaria, Germany


•Studied dental medicine at Universities of Erlangen and Berlin   Germany


•Worked at University Hospitals Regensburg and Munich


•MD and MD for Oral Surgery


•Worked at Clinica Borromeo, Milano, Italy


•Worked at Hospital Professor Ivo Pitanguy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Plastic Surgery


•Leading MD at Metropol Clinic, Nuremberg, Germany


•Founder and Leading MD at Metropol Hospital, Nuremberg, Germany




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