• Consumers – more choice, topline products, highest quality
  • Pharmacists – strengthening their key role as advisers to the health system
  • Business - creating value by unique products
  • Government – lower healthcare costs

So what stands in our way of achieving self-care as the front line of health care?

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Going forward to support our distributors at the end of 2017 with four new flavours.





Europes biggest newspaper (BILD) about sugar acting as a drug like Cocaine, Alcohol or Cigarettes with devasting results as Diabetes, heart attack, obesity......




News 17.12.2016


Just finalizing plans for a most intensive 2017 outreach of Dr. Weiler presenting globally unique aromatic toothpaste..starting from March 2017 in Ryadh, Dammam, Jeddah.



NEWS : 17.12.2016


Ministery of health in Kuwait, speaking 5 minutes about health care in Kuwait. 4 of these 5 minutes related to obesity and Diabetes. Diabetic persons are loosing about 15 years of their life. Costs for the goverment in Kuwait ( as in other countries ) tremendous. See the interview : health-care-sector -in -Kuwait




News : Pictures of design for Iran and Saudi Arabia at our gallery



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