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                                  ------------ DR. WEILER AROMATIC SPRAY ----------

Dr. Weiler aromatic spray is not a trend, it´s a revolutionary new product to curb your sweet tooth.

Dr. Weiler aromatic spray works by a complete natural way. Flavors have been proven to curb cravings for sugar, by tricking senses into thinking, that the craving has been satisfied.


The food industry tells us, that sugar makes happy. That´s not true! Gummi bears, biscuits, soft drinks and other sweets should be a sometime pleasure, not more. Most of us consume too much sugar as it is hidden in many foods and highly concentrated in soft drinks and sweets.

Sugar is the only substance that people consume, which has no nutritional value but a lot of calories.

Excessive sugar consumption is nowadays recognized as main health problem worldwide, leading to overweight. Overweight can be significantly reduced consuming less sugar and exercise. But you don`t have to live at the gym! Are you frustrated to try all the waist clinchers, diets or diet pills, which promised you so much? Are you looking for the right product to change your lifestyle?

It`s all about balance and the right approach. Start your transformation to live healthier and feel fitter in an easy way, using our flavor spray. It works!              

                                                                                           ---------- OUR UNIQUE PRODUCT ----------

Dr. Weiler aromatic spray consists of 100% natural, purely herbal ingredients and food flavors. It contains no sugar or sugar substitutes. It is vegan. It can even be called a bio food. The product is a reliable companion in everyday life and is considered a synergy of pleasure and well-being. Handy, efficient and curbs your sweet tooth immediately. It is a must have for everyone! Pure Lifestyle !

Use it anytime and anywhere!                                                                      

                                                                                                            WHO IS IT FOR?

                                                                               ---------- WHY DR. WEILER AROMAIC SPRAY ----------

Let`s face it. Overweight, and an unhealthy lifestyle are not the sexiest things on earth. One can of Cola contains as much sugar as 10 to 14 sugar cubes do. To give up or reduce consumption of soft drinks, cookies, candies or other sweets 3 times a day, means about 11000 less calories per month and a healthier diet. Can you imagine about weight impact? 11000 less calories means about 2.0 Kilogram less weight per month and a much healthier diet! You will feel better and fitter. Less sugar will make your skin look better. Sugar is the absolutely main cause for dental and gum diseases, too. Did you know that models use flavor flacons to curb their sweet tooth for a clearer skin and to hold weight? So the flavor spray is for just everyone. People looking for a healthier lifestyle, people looking for an easy way to support their goal to lose weight, people who exercise but know about the impact of sugar and want to go a further step forward.

We invented our flavor spray to support people´s health and lifestyle.


                                                                                                       ---------- FACTS ----------                      

Fact # 1

60 percent of people are interested to loose weight. 2,2 billion people worldwide are overweight.

Fact # 2

Overweight and obesity is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended.

Fact # 3

Sugar leads to addiction.

Fact # 4

By making foods "hyperpalatable", mostly by sugar, the food manufacturers ensure that we eat a lot and decide to buy and eat them again and again.

Fact # 5

Everybody should reduce the free sugar to a maximum of 25 grams a day. That's about six teaspoons a day, not more.

                                                                                            ---------- HOW IT WORKS ----------   

Step 1: Use it. 3 to 5 hubs, as you prefer.

Step 2: Distribute in your mouth.                 

Step 3: Take a deep breath to smell the flavor.

Step 4: Done.  

                                                                                        WITH DR. WEILER AROMATIC SPRAY                                                 

                                                                                          ---------- YOUR BENEFITS ----------

Support your goal to lose weight.

Get a clearer and shiny skin by avoiding sugar.

Reach a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t spend your money on unhealthy food and soft drinks.

Get fitter, feel better.

                                                                           ---------- SO WHAT IS IT? ----------

It is a food, but is it a cosmetic product too? Yes it is, as less sugar means a clear and shining skin. Is it a body care product? Yes it is, as less sugar consumption makes you feel better and fitter. Is it a health style product? Yes it is as it curbs your sweet tooth immediately and supports you lose or hold your weight by a completely natural way. The power of flavors!

So what is it at all? A must have and your 100 % lifestyle product!


                                                                            ---------- USER OPINIONS ----------

Mr. Mathalm/ Germany: Thank you very much for the possibility to join your study. It really works and I am excited about the impact. I will recommend it to my friends.

Mrs. Montserrat/ Spain: I am a real sugar junkie and unhappy about my overweight. I used the spray every time my craving on sweets arise. I am feeling fitter and lost 3 Kilograms weight within one month.

Mrs. Kroos/ Germany: It helped me very much. I tried several diets over the years, but the Jo - Jo effect was awfully. Now I feel to be on the right track and hope your aromatic spray will be available in shortest time as mine is used up. I can`t wait for it. Thank you so much Dr. Weiler.

Mrs. O’Connor/ USA: It is really sweet and tasty. Every time I use it, I feel like visiting an ice cream shop, but without consuming any calories. The craving for sweets and soft drinks are really sprayed away.  Three hubs are enough for me. I am addicted to your spray. When will you launch it? Will it be available in the USA?

                                                                           ---------- OUR CORE TEAM ----------

We love to work on highest quality and innovative products.

We are proud to say that our products are completely designed, developed and produced in Germany. `Made in Germany ` is worldwide recognized for highest quality.

Dr. Matthias Weiler MD studied dental medicine in Germany. He worked at several University Hospitals and clinics in Germany, Suisse, Italy, Brazil and at his dental hospital in Nuremberg, Germany.

Mrs. Susanne Regenauer studied design at the University of Munich. She comes from a designer family and both brothers are working as chief designers in world known companies. She is responsible for the unique design of our products and develops in cooperation with Dr. Weiler new products.

Dr. Weiler aromatic spray is now worldwide available the first time at www.indiegogo.com from April 2018.




Our new product is now patent pending. We worked to create an absolutely unique and innovative product. Toothpaste was launched 150 years ago. We will go the next step and solve several health problems more.

As we are acting by our prelaunch situation very conservative and carefully, we can not give  more information at the moment. Expected launch March 2018.





Our 4 new flavors - our iuique toothpastes! Launch in summer 2018

Pepermint - Vanilla, Orange - Maracuja, Mango - Lime, Cranberry - Cinnamon






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